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“Any song”

Jordan Owens

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Senior Amy Garcia’s favorite song at the moment is “Any song” by ZICO. This upbeat track is recommended to pull anyone out of a slump.

In the aftermath of February’s month of rain, some may need a pick-me-up from the dark clouds they were forced to experience. One track that is recommended to help is “Any song” by ZICO.

“If you’re ever in a sad mood you can always listen to it and you will always dance around,” senior Amy Garcia said.

“Any song” rotates through different instruments such as the tambourine to the piano. Matching that with ZICO’s light voice and lyrics, it makes this track easy going.

“It always puts me in a happy mood,” Garcia said.

After the artist showed up in Garcia’s song recommendations one day, she was hooked by his voice. Some of her other favorite songs by the artist include “Soulmates” and “The language of flowers.”

Garcia describes her taste of music not necessarily as a genre but a vibe. ZICO fits into the vibe because of his chill sound and willingness to collaborate with other artists.

“[ZICO] collaborates with a lot of different people without boundaries,” Garcia said, “so he tries different types of genres.”

Because of the past month that we have had listening to “Any song” by ZICO Is just what some may need to remain hopeful for the days to come.