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Jon Gloer: ‘Flyboys: A True Story of Courage’

Jordan Owens

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In the first edition of Panther Reads, Jon Gloer, one of the U.S. history teachers at Starr’s Mill, talks about the WWII nonfiction story “Flyboys,” a true tale of heroism and leadership.

Welcome to Panther Reads, an all-new column dedicated to Starr’s Mill’s faculty and the books they have on their minds. Students, this is your chance to see what your teachers are reading right now. Teachers, this is your chance to share the books you love with the entire community.

Kicking off Panther Reads is U.S. history teacher Jon Gloer. Gloer is currently reading the nonfiction World War II book “Flyboys: A True Story of Courage” by James Bradley.

“If you’re looking for something about leadership and serving, it’s a great book,” Gloer said.

This nonfiction piece is about several U.S. army soldiers, including our former President George H.W. Bush, and their backgrounds. It highlights the important roles these men had to play in American history during World War II and the challenges they had to overcome, specifically a brutal incident where five of eight American P.O.W.s were killed on the island of Chichi-jima.

If you’re looking for something about leadership and serving, it’s a great book.

— U.S. history teacher Jon Gloer

“My history teacher from high school recommended it to me and told me I’d enjoy it,” Gloer said.

Since he is a history teacher, it is not hard to see why a topic like this would interest Gloer. What seemed to make Gloer want to read “Flyboys” was the story’s lessons on leadership and servitude to one’s country, and because of the important role president George H.W. Bush plays in it.

“I tend to stick to biographies about important historical figures,” Gloer said. “That’s really the only thing that interests me.”

Though he is still not quite done with “Flyboys” due to teaching and lesson planning, Gloer does intend to finish reading the book over spring break and would recommend it to anyone else who is looking for a great spring read about World War II history.