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‘Two Like Me and You’

Jordan Owens

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Jordan Owens

Spanish teacher Laura Alldredge recently sat by the ocean with a nice, entertaining book. Alldredge particularly liked “Two Like Me and You” not only because the author shares the same college as her, but as well as this novel was a nice change from the author’s previous books.

Reading while on vacation can be a pleasant thing to do especially for Spanish teacher Laura Alldredge.

“[“Two Like Me and You”]  was very lighthearted, so I read it at the beach over the break,” said Alldredge.

This book is described as a part love story and part road trip novel. This young adult fiction novel follows two teenagers who befriend a World War II veteran, and after hearing stories from the man they decide to go to France to find his long-lost love.

“I had read two other books by him prior to this, but this one was very different,” Alldredge said. 

This is the third book Alldredge has read from author Chad Alan Gibbs. The other two novels are sports themed with a “biblical perspective.” Interesting enough, Alldredge found out about this author from Auburn, a university they both attended.

“It was just because [the book] was written by this guy that went to Auburn, and I enjoyed his first two books. It was designed for young people, and he had a lot of historical stuff in it too about WWII,” said Alldredge. 

Even though this was a good book to her, Alldredge did not like some types of words that were used. Though she does realize that since this novel is geared toward teenagers it will include dialogue that makes them want to read it. 

According to Alldredge “Two Like Me and You” is a wonderful read that teaches its audience “the importance of learning about our veterans and the things that they went through in the war.”