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April 11, 2020
Panther Tracks
March 15, 2020

Jordan Owens

Sophomore Jared Donahoo’s favorite song as of right now is “Heartless” by The Weekend. This track is described as a chill song and is suggested to be put on anyone’s playlist.

With exams less than a week away, the students of Starr’s Mill have begun to study and one song that has been suggested to put on their list of music is “Heartless” by The Weekend. For sophomore Jared Donahoo this is a chill song by a great artist.

Jared Donahoo explained how after listening to some of The Weekend’s earlier music including some of his more popular songs like “Starboy,” Donahoo was “roped into the rest of [The Weekend’s] music.”

“Its something different and there’s a lot of the same stuff going around,” Donahoo said. 

According to Donahoo this song is not about drugs, sex, and money that is in much of the mainstream music today nor does it sound like mumbling. “Heartless” seems to be more “lyrically motivated” just like the artist himself. 

“[The Weekend] has a lot of music and you can identify with a lot of his music,” Donahoo said. “He’s very lyrically motivated. It’s not just materialistic.”

Since The Weekend puts passion into his music, it is not hard to see why he is so popular. His soothing music is something people cannot get enough of and should be added to your study music playlist.