Harry Potter fans re-enter their favorite wizarding world


Shelby Foster

Aug. 25, 2016 – A student reads the newest Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Published on July 31, this novel uses a play script format rather than the prose format used in the first seven Harry Potter books.

Dana Gould, Staff writer

The moment Harry Potter fans heard news of a new Harry Potter book, there was an unsaid excitement flowing through the air. Most fans did not expect this new book to be as great as the first seven, but there was definitely a great deal of enthusiasm because they loved the first seven books so much. While the book had so many great expectations, it really fell flat when readers picked up the book and started reading.

Albus manages to make things worse as the past and present combine and change forever.”

— staff writer Dana Gould

The Harry Potter stories occur in a world of magic and wonder that hides within the normal, mortal world. Among these wizards lives Harry Potter, an orphan whose parents were killed by the evil Voldemort. As Harry grows up and attends a wizard school, Hogwarts, he is being prepared to take on the villain that murdered his parents, even if he doesn’t fully realize it.

These stories show the power of friendship, working together, and that love is the strongest thing of all. This story takes place nineteen years after the final battle to defeat Voldemort , in a world no longer at the the mercy of evil, and focuses on Harry’s youngest son, Albus.

This time it is Albus’s turn to go to Hogwarts, except he does not love it as his father had. He also finds himself unable to follow his father’s legacy and is constantly angry about people comparing him to Harry.

After hearing about all the wonderful things his father had done time and time again, Albus gets frustrated and decides to go back in time to correct one of Harry’s “mistakes.” Instead of making things better, Albus manages to make things worse as the past and present combine and change forever.

While this summary may seem compelling and even exciting, throughout the story the plot becomes more and more farfetched.

At the beginning of the story, Albus’ intent is to go back in time and correct one of Harry’s mistakes, but the plot becomes more messy as Albus must also fix other things from the past in order to save the world from evil, just like his father.

By the end of the story, Albus’s original intent is all but forgotten as new situations are thrown into the plot, which makes the reader overwhelmed. The story becomes more and more chaotic as more ideas are added that distract from the original plot, without decent transitions to explain what is happening.

The characters are also another key problem with this story as they are almost nothing like they were in the first seven books. This extreme difference in characters makes it difficult for previous fans to get immersed in the book, while connecting with once-loved characters. Many of the characters present in the first seven books have completely different personalities or almost no personality at all.

While the first seven books were full of connectable characters and characters the reader felt they knew, this playwright leaves much to be desired. There are numerous times in which adult characters seem to shift between their teenage self and their adult self without much transition or logical reason for this shift to occur. This gives the reader a glimpse of the characters they once cherished and knew before going back to the dull characters they are now.

If someone is reading this playwright to get a glimpse into the lives of previous Harry Potter characters now, this is not the way the to find that information. It would be better to ask a friend or look this information up online than read about their futures where the characters are badly written and unmemorable. Since the characters of this story were so poorly executed, curiosity as to what happened to all the characters is not a valid reason to read this book.

This book is not worth the time because it lacks well-written characters, a decent plot, and a sort of magic that pulls people into the story and makes them want to read it. Even if this playwright was not compared to the other Harry Potter stories and functioned as a stand alone book, it would still not be impressive.

This book lacks well-written characters and hooks that make the reader want to keep reading. To huge Harry Potter fans this book will only harvest feelings of anger and frustration because they will be unable to stop comparing it to the thrilling books they knew previously. To people who are not crazy Harry Potter fans, this play will definitely steer you away from Harry Potter for good.

Instead of leaving the reader longing for more of the story, this playwright leaves readers wondering if they accidentally picked up a horribly written fan-fiction as opposed to the actual story.