Kicking off KICs

After five long months of being out of the building we’re finally back, and you know what that means, KICs! We have Drug-Free Fayette, Covid in Mexico, the changes with SAT and ACT testing, political showdowns, and the newest mandatory fashion accessory. The first week of KICs for the 2020-2021 school year is full of headlines you’ll want to read all about. 

Community set to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day (Aug. 24)

On Aug. 31, National Overdose Day, Drug-Free Fayette will honor people who have died of a drug overdose.

Last year, there was a tree planted in honor of National Overdose Day. Drug-Free Fayette has invited everyone to tie a ribbon around the same tree that was planted last year. This ribbon represents loved ones who have passed due to drug overdose. 

DFF will provide ribbons and markers so everyone has the opportunity to honor the ones they have lost by writing their name on the ribbon. The memorial tree is planted by the gazebo at the square of 140 Stonewall Avenue West in Fayetteville. 

This will be a great chance for the public to honor someone they have lost to substance abuse. DFF designed this to bring our friends and families together and to show love and understanding of one another.

Coronavirus’ accomplice in Mexico (Aug. 25)

Mexico, currently the third highest Covid-19 hotspot in the world, is fighting two connecting battles in order to slow the spread of the pandemic. Health Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell has linked the addiction to sugar and overweight citizens to the severity in Covid cases and providing dietary guidelines to escape increasing death toll numbers. 

Mexico citizens replaced expensive water for cheaper sugary drinks in more rural areas, which leads to diabetes and obesity causing CoronaVirus to be more fatal. Experts explain that this is a pandemic that has been going on much longer than Covid-19. Others disagree with these theories- explaining its an excuse for the poor ways the government has been handling the pandemic. 

President López Obrador agrees with Lopez-Gatell and has placed dietary guidelines for citizens to follow to eat healthier and have a better chance of surviving Covid-19. Selected states in Mexico have banned the sale of high sugar foods and sodas to children. Companies plan to put big warning labels on these items to provide accurate information on what consumers are consuming. 

No more SAT and ACT scores for college (Aug. 26)

Many Georgia colleges will not require SAT and ACT scores for spring, fall, and summer admissions in 2021. Instead, colleges will look at students’ GPA, community involvement, and personal essays.

Due to the pandemic, it has become difficult for students to complete these tests in a safe environment. The cancellation of tests over the summer and through the beginning of the current school year led to this decision. All 26 colleges that are part of the University System of Georgia agree on this change. The USG includes major schools like Georgia Tech, University of West Georgia, and the University of Georgia. 

The USG is trying to help students and to be flexible in these unknown times. Some schools might allow students who were denied admissions based on test scores to reapply. Students who wish to take the SAT or ACT may still do so if they want the added practice or to be eligible for some scholarships.

Kamala Harris aims shots at Trump prior to his nomination speech (Aug. 27)

As the Republican National Convention was set to end on Thursday, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris had choice words to share regarding President Donald Trump and his leadership through the COVID-19 pandemic. Hours before Trump was set to speak, Harris gave a prebuttal at the nation’s capital in remarks to his lack of leadership throughout the pandemic.

Harris spoke of how Trump “froze,” and claimed that he was scared, petty, and vindictive. She took a jab at the Republican National Convention, stating that the reality of the pandemic was absent at the RNC while, in comparison, the Democratic National Convention was clear about the current issues of the world and how to approach them. According to Harris, The RNC was primarily served to “soothe Trump’s ego, [and] to make him feel good.”

These remarks were met by multiple rebuttals by multiple members of the Republican Party, including Vice President Mike Pence, citing the successes of the President’s response to COVID-19. Later that night, Trump accepted the GOP nomination in a 70-minute speech as the road to Election Day on Nov. 3 advances.

Gap makes hundreds of millions on the sell of face masks (Aug. 28)

The popular clothing brand Gap has reported making over $130 million off of the sale of face masks. Since the start of Covid-19, the company has sold millions of these protective coverings that help stop the spread of the virus. They said that they sold masks to both consumers and businesses. 

Gap owns many brands, including Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athletica. “Our strong performance in the second quarter reflects the customer response to our brands, products, and experiences, particularly as we’ve rapidly adapted to the changing environment,” CEO Sonia Syngal said .

Masks are still a huge point of controversy, but medical officials preach to U.S. citizens the importance of wearing them to stop the spread. Many parts of the country have made masks a requirement when social distancing isn’t possible, causing the demand for face masks to skyrocket.