Coming home to KICs

After a fantabulous homecoming week, Panthers are digging into the past to get ready for a retro-themed homecoming game against Harris County. But the game isn’t all there is to look forward to this week. Our team of journalists have worked hard to create a brand new set of KICs. We have cinemas closing, police saving a suicidal man, the honoring of local officers, Pinewood expanding, Trump’s COVID response, and Nigerian serial killers. 

Regal cinemas announce to shut down (Oct. 5)

Regal Cinemas announced Monday that all 536 movie theaters in the United States will be temporarily closed beginning on Thursday due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The CEO of Cineworld, Regal’s parent company, stated that deciding to shut down was not a light decision. Employees have made great efforts to follow protocol and protect movie-goers, but closing theaters is the most sustainable solution right now. Theater closings are also impacting movie release dates, as seen with the new James Bond movie, “No Time To Die.” While the film was originally set to release in November 2020, it will now come out in April 2021.

Regal has not announced a date for reopening, but the company will be monitoring the pandemic and will create an appropriate reopening plan when the time is right.

Atlanta police save a suicidal man (Oct. 6)

On Monday night Officer Taylor was awarded the Medal for Valor, and Officer Brackett was awarded the Medal for Meritorious Service during the Fairmount City Council meeting. Both were honored for saving Mylon Holbert’s life in August.

Mylon Holbert called the police one night in an attempt to “suicide by police”. He previously lost his daughter the week before and was not handling the loss well. The officers saved Holbert’s life by talking to Holbert patiently and by taking careful action to save his life. Holder was armed with a knife and other weapons in his home. The officers tased him to prevent him from hurting himself or others. 

Officer Taylor and Brackett want those similar situations to have the same outcome of saving someone’s life. 

Trump says catching COVID was “A Gift from God” (Oct. 7)

After testing positive for COVID-19 last week, President Donald Trump praised a miracle cure, an unproven phenomenon. The antibody cocktail was developed by drug maker Regeneron but has not been government approved.

Trump wants to make this untested drug available to the public for “free.” After announcing this, people swarmed by the thousands. Regeneron, however, only had enough to treat 50,000 people. They hope to have enough for 300,000 people by the end of 2020.

Trump believes catching corona allowed him to experience the benefits of the new drug, but no controlled trials have taken place. His “blessing from God” drug experience has not proven to be valid, but he is desperate to find a cure before Election Day on Nov. 3.

Pinewood Studios sets the stage for new future (Oct. 8)

Pinewood Studios, one of the biggest movie studios in North America, is set to expand into a large, multi-purpose community. Atlanta-based Trilith group recently purchased the property.

Currently, the Pinewood development around the studios is 235 acres. The Trilith group is planning to expand that to 935 acres. They intend to build 1,400 new homes, 12 restaurants, an office center, and many other facilities. Developers are also working with the University of Georgia’s MFA screenwriting program to offer a K-12 school focusing on story arts for those interested in the movie industry. 

Developers are saying that they will have many parts of the new community ready coming later this year, and will employ over 7,000 people once the property is finished.

Nigerian serial killer given death penalty (Oct. 9)

Gracious David-West was sentenced to the death penalty, after killing nine women in hotel rooms in Nigeria between July and September 2019. One of his victims Benita Etim survived his attacks as she told a BBC interviewer her experience that happened on Aug. 18, 2019. 

David-West was arrested on Sept. 19 as he tried to leave Port Harcourt. He has been charged with nine murders that happened in Nigeria hotels and the attempted murder of Benita Etim. 

David-West confessed to six other murders but was not able to be charged due to the lack of evidence. Prior to his arrest, citizens of Port Harcourt were outraged from the killings that happened last September and took it upon themselves to go to the streets, calling authorities to solve the murders. 

He has been sentenced to the death penalty in the southern city of Port Harcourt for his actions, but this not a very common penalty in Nigeria. The last three executions were in 2016.