Keeping it chaotic

Another week, another installment of “Keeping It Current.”. The tail end of September started this week, leading us into Spooktober, and the festivities it will bring. With the change of months also comes the chaotic events of this week, including a shooting, a mauling by dogs, and erupting volcanoes.

September 27 – Halting production across the world

After 23 factory workers were diagnosed with gas poisoning it was concluded that it was due to China reaching their power quota. Power outages throughout the country will in turn affect global shoppers. 

As a result, shipping shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic will continue to suffer. China’s financial standing is also expected to be impacted because the country relies on exports as its main source of economic stimulation. 

Apple will stop production at their factory in Kunshan from Sunday until Thursday to keep in line with the government’s power restrictions. Apple has yet to respond how this will affect iPhone supplies. 

September 28 – Local Georgia Man shot in police shooting

Ronald McCormick, age 39, was seen walking around Karvelas Pizza near Lafayette Parkway in LaGrange around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. McCormick was spotted with a machete, but he refused to drop it. Backup was then called.

The police tried tasing McCormick, but it was not effective. Police then shot McCormick multiple times. McCormick was rushed to the hospital for surgery. 

Before this incident, McCormick was charged with possession of methamphetamine in 2016 and 2020. According to his record, he was also accused of beating an 11-year old child. The status of McCormick’s injuries remains unknown. 

September 29 – Unknown Coweta man mauled to death by dogs 

Wednesday morning, the body of a man was found in Coweta County. Deputies were called to 25 Walt Sanders Road at 10:30  a.m. to find a body on the porch of a local homeowner.

When arriving at the scene, Coweta County brought the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate. Medical examiners from both scenes confirmed the cause of death, mauling. Sheriff Toby Nix says that the victim tried to enter the household, but was met by the large dogs.

The deceased man has yet to be identified and the GBI is continuing to help out the Coweta County investigators. The homeowner was not charged for the attack due to lack of evidence.

September 30 – Hawaii’s most active volcano begins to erupt

Early on Wednesday morning, officials from Hawaii’s Kilauea National Park announced some stirring in the volcano. Kilauea is Hawaii’s most active volcano and is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world. 

The last major time the volcano erupted was 2018. The eruptions were spontaneous and spread out over four months. The last time the volcano erupted it displaced thousands of residents that lived in rural farms nearby. The area that Kilauea is erupting now is not near residential homes and is surrounded by the national park. 

The first sightings of lava were seen from the Volcano House, a restaurant and hotel inside the park. According to the park’s national spokesperson, the park is open to visitors and as of now no roads have been closed. 

October 1 – Biden discusses money compromise at Capitol Hill 

President Joe Biden plans to travel to Capitol Hill this afternoon to meet with House Democrats. 

He intends to discuss a $2.1 trillion compromise to help bridge the gap between the two opposing parties. The Democratic chair Hakeem Jeffries told reporters that he believes the bipartisan infrastructure bill will pass today. This bill will create funding for roads, bridges, and more money for transit and rail. It will also upgrade airports, ports, and waterways.

Updates on the bill will continue as things progress, and you can keep up with it live at