Signing off with KICs

As the final week of school comes to an end, so does “Keeping It Current.” However, this does not mean we are done. After summer break, we will return to school with more news and more KICs. As for this week, tremors have been recorded on a Danish island, highways have opened back up around Atlanta, arrests have been made in Fayette County, deaths have occurred at the U.S. border, and ending on a good note, President Zelensky will attend the G7 summit. This is the Prowler, signing off. See you next year, Panthers.

May 15 – Tremors recorded on Danish island from unknown source

Multiple tremors have been recorded on the Danish Baltic island, Bornholm, and scientists say they come from earthquakes. Seismologists have theories that the waves could have come from controlled explosions in Poland.  

The Polish authorities said there are exercises in Northern Poland with jets and explosions of artillery munitions. More than 60 people on Bornholm reported the tremors. The earthquake-like tremors were described to change the pressure in people’s ears and cause shaking and rattling.

The tremors were measured at a magnitude of 2.3 and no one was hurt. The official cause of the tremors are being investigated by Denmark’s Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities. 

May 16 – I-285 West back open near I-75 in Cobb County after crash investigation

A devastating crash on Tuesday morning had the westbound lanes of I-285 closed just before I-75 in Cobb County. The crash involved multiple vehicles and ended in one casualty. 

The investigation in the crash had lanes shut down for multiple hours until about 9:30 A.M. Traffic before this was nearly backed up an entire mile. 

There was no labeled reason for the crash’s occurrence, but it did happen very early in the morning. These people were likely on their way to work extremely tired and unaware of their surroundings. Driving while tired is said to be at evens with drunk driving in terms of danger.  

May 17 – Repeat criminal arrested in Tyrone

A man named Franklin Hooker has been arrested for a domestic incident in Tyrone. The man was intoxicated when police arrived at the scene.

The police discovered that the man conducted similar behaviors in the past. Two separate warrants were outstanding for his arrest prior to this incident. He has also been arrested for felony car theft in the past..

Repeat offenders is a part of a greater trend. Crime has been on the rise nationwide, with more cases of repeat offenders growing in recent times.

May 18 – 8-year-old girl dead at U.S. border 

On Wednesday night, an eight year old girl passed away, shortly after having a medical emergency. The girl’s family was being held in custody, when all of the sudden she had some problems, and had to get checked immediately. She was transported to the loca hospital, where they announced that she had passed away before she got there. 

A few days before the little girl passed away, a 17-year-old from Florida died. According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the 17-year-old was being held at the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

Recently, there has been an increase in immigrants passing the US-Mexico border. Last week, a restriction that was created due to the pandemic three years ago, has now been lifted. 

May 19 – President Zelenskyy to attend G7 Summit

Leaders of the most Powerful Democratic countries all gather in Japan to discuss. The Group 7 summit is taking place in Hiroshima Japan to discuss punishments of Russia for its 15 months invasion of Ukraine, before President Zelenskyy joins the summit on sunday. 

President Zelenskyy announced Friday that he will be visit Saudi Arabia, where he will meet with the Arab leaders to hold a summit. With Russia nuclear threats against Ukraine has increase and North Korea’s Missile tests and China’s expanding nuclear arsenal has made Japan to push for nuclear disarmament a major part of the G7 summit. G7 nations will undertake precautions to further isolate Russia to undermine its ability to wage war in Ukraine. 

The United states has part of the action has been to black list at least 30 Russians and other third world people involved in Russia’s defense production. They also have sanction more than 300 individuals, aircrafts, and vessels.