Krystin Glover

Ximena Bejarano, Staff writer

“My vision of a highly effective school is one that provides for a safe learning environment that provides opportunities for all students in the areas of academics, athletics and arts.”


  • Born in Clayton County
  • Raised in Gwinnett County
  • Graduated from Berkmar High School


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Georgia
  • Master of Education degree in school administration from the University of Georgia


  • Assistant principal and registrar
  • Creates the master schedule and student schedules
  • Leads the Advanced Placement program
  • Supervises the World Language, Fine Arts, and CTAE departments
  • Oversees the Move on When Ready program and the Ninth Grade Transition Team


Starr’s Mill welcomes its newest assistant principal Krystin Glover. Although this is her first year at Starr’s Mill, Glover has extensive experience working in Fayette County schools.

Before arriving at Starr’s Mill, Glover was an assistant principal at McIntosh High School for four years and a marketing teacher at Whitewater High School six years prior to that. “My goal for the past two years has been to work at Starr’s Mill,” Krystin Glover said. “My children will be coming to school here because we recently moved into a new home and purposely chose this community because we love it. It’s a great mix of academics, athletics, and arts.”

Glover’s main responsibility as one of Starr’s Mill’s assistant principals is to create a master schedule as well as provide a schedule for each individual student. Managing to build a master schedule that will satisfy the needs of every student, however, “is the most difficult part of my job,” Glover said. “Nevertheless, the counselors and I work very hard to develop the best schedule we can for each student and ensure that the students are challenged to their highest potential.”

Glover is also in charge of the Advanced Placement program, supervises the World Language, Fine Arts, and CTAE departments, and oversees the Move on When Ready program, Ninth Grade Transition Team, and grading. Her main goals are to expand the Advanced Placement program and serve as an adviser for freshmen students who are struggling academically to unleash their full potential. “I will work hard to identify and mentor our ninth grade students who are at-risk academically or with discipline that could affect their success in ninth grade,” Glover said, “as it has a direct effect on their success throughout high school.”

Her favorite part of working in her position is initiating more opportunities for students to excel as well as collaborating with students and teachers to enrich the high school experience altogether. She believes that an ideal school “fosters positive relationships with all stakeholders and ensures students are prepared for life after high school.”