Zane Taylor


Bre Kozusko

Student Resource Officer Zane Taylor joins Starr’s Mill High School staff in continuation of his ten-year law enforcement career.

Daniel Stackhouse, Staff Writer


  • Worked in law enforcement for over 10 years
  • Worked in the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office for over two years
  • First year as school resource officer


  • Went to the ABAC Police Academy
  • Took technical classes
  • Most education came from hands-on experience


  • Student safety 
  • Crime investigation

This year Starr’s Mill welcomes new student resource officer Zane Taylor. Taylor will uphold the duties of protecting students by dealing with criminal issues as well as upholding the student policies set by the school.

“[Law enforcement] is just something I’ve always wanted to do,” Taylor said. “I had other ideas of what I wanted to do while growing up but law enforcement just always kind of stuck with me.” 

Taylor has worked in law enforcement for ten years. Prior to working in the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, he worked at the Fayette County Corrections department for six years and at the Abbeville Police Department in middle Georgia. He wanted to work as an SRO because he loves to be around kids.

“I want to make a difference in [students’] lives, kind of be there and help support them before they get out there on the streets, and kind of change their perception of law enforcement as well,” Taylor said. 

When Taylor is not on the job, he enjoys a variety of hobbies. He loves fishing, primarily bass fishing, watching SEC college football and the Georgia Bulldogs, and spending time with his kids.