It’s beginning to look a lot like KICs

It is finally an acceptable time of year to break out the “Feliz Navidad!” We have trudged our way through our stock of Halloween candy and diminished the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  Christmas time has at last come around. After putting up your tree, kick back with a mug of hot cocoa and read these KICs to relax after all that hard work. This week we have Russia targeting energy grids, the voting situation in Georgia, severe highway flooding, murders at the University of Idaho, and the collapse of FTX.

November 28 – Russia not stopping anytime soon

Russia has been striking energy grids in Ukraine, leaving many residents without heat, water, or power. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he expects more attacks that would be way more devastating. 

Russia said they will not be stopping attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure until Moscow runs out of missiles. These attacks are leaving Ukrainians cold this winter. Russia’s motive is to attack and harm civilians. 

The Russian military will not stop these strikes until Ukraine obeys Russia’s commands. Workers in Ukraine are working hard to restore power. 

November 29 – Georgia voting situation intensifies

Georgia is currently going through a runoff voting election. A state official stated that Georgia tallied more than 300,000 ballots cast for one candidate each day.

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Trump-backed Republican Herschel Walker are two of the top-voted candidates. This runoff vote was scheduled for December 6 after neither Warnock nor Walker earned more than 50% of the vote in the November general election.

Warnock is trying to convince his supporters to vote for him and to defend his seat in the state. On the other hand, Walker is backed by Trump and several other Republicans, and they have boosted him and defended him in this current election.

November 30 – Severe storm causes treacherous road conditions

The recent storm from November 30 early in the morning has caused major issues in the metro Atlanta area, including crashes and floods that still persist after the storm has moved on. 

A serious crash occurred and blocked all lanes going northbound on I-75. The crash involved a patrol car, a H.E.R.O. unit, and two other civilians. A driver was ejected and the others were transported to emergency medical services. 

The National Weather Service warned commuters of flooding and wet roads that are extremely dangerous. They suggest delaying commutes as much as possible or taking alternate routes.

December 1 – More information released regarding Idaho University murders

Moscow Police have been investigating the four murders of University of Idaho students, but there is a miscommunication on whether these murders were targeted or not. Students Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kerndole, and Ethan Chapin were stabbed to death in their home on November 13.

Police have revealed that there were actually six roommates listed on the lease after previously saying only five people were.  

The fifth roommate survived and the sixth was reportedly not there at the time of the incident. Nine days into the investigation, detectives are finishing up their work at the crime scene and the killer is still on the loose.

December 1 – Investigation continues following fall of FTX

Bahamas-based crypto-currency FTX has collapsed. U.S. authorities are asking for help from crypto investors and trading firms that worked alongside FTX to give them information accompanied by their key figures on FTX. 

The request from the recipient that the U.S. Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York sent, came back and it covers firms that regularly traded in FTX. These firms possibly have held conversations with the platform executives or even have other information about them that might help the criminal investigation. 

This shift in their investigation leads the public to know that U.S. authorities are finding what they want. The crack down of the FTX collapse as authorities acquire more information from crypto investors and trading firms that worked with FTX.